There are hives full of honeybees tucked away in every corner of the city of Milwaukee. In “Beeing: Beekeepers and the Cream City” meet some of the people behind these Milwaukee beehives and learn why bees are so important for the Cream City.

“Flight to the Finish”

All across the state of Wisconsin, pigeon racers are waking up before the sun to train their pigeons. In “Flight to the Finish” follow along with six Wisconsin pigeon racers as they train their birds, share their personal stories and tell everything there is to know about this unique sport.

“Touch the Sky”

There are only three people in the state of Michigan who band hummingbirds. In “Touch the Sky” meet two of them; husband and wife team Rich and Brenda Keith. Get a closeup look at the bird-banding process, travel by golf cart out to the fields to see how the birds are caught, and watch the awed reactions of visitors who come from all over Michigan to see the birds up close before they are released back into the sky.